Utah Bloghive

A collection of political commentary from throughout the Beehive State.

About the Utah Bloghive

The Utah Bloghive aggregates headlines from some Utah blogs. The list of blogs on this site does not claim to be comprehensive. An advisory board exercises editorial control over what blogs are listed on this site. Specifically, we are aggregating blogs written by Utahns and primarily about politics. The aggregated blogs may focus on local or national politics, but we are not interested in feeds from non-Utah sources. We're less interested in flame throwing and more interested in civil dialogue. Blogs that add little to the debate, in the view of the board, may be delisted.

Our hope is that the Utah Bloghive will enhance our sense of community as Utah bloggers. Sure, anyone can set up a feed reader with a list of links, but this is a big list and people approaching the Utah blog community for the first time will surely appreciate the jump start. By featuring headlines on this site, we hope to help out the bloggers that don't update their blogs daily.

The name

The name "Bloghive" was first suggested by Tom Grover of KVNU. The term is not in general use anywhere else, so we've claimed it as our label for the sphere of Utah political blogs and for this site. Thanks, Tom.

The inspiration

The concept for this site is a blatant rip-off from the Mormon Archipelago. We are using the same code that runs that site and we've organized our site in the same way. Thanks for the great idea!

Join us

If you have a blog that you think would be a good fit for the Utah Bloghive, send an email with the name of your blog, the URL of your site, and the URL of your feed. Also tell us which category (left, right, center, etc.) you think best fits your site. If you have a blog that covers more than politics, we'd appreciate a specific feed link to a political category if your blogging software will support it. We also like to aggregate comments on your blog. If your blog software provides a seperate feed for site comments, be sure to provide that as well. We may not add every blog to this listing, but we'll certainly consider it. [NOTE: This is a part-time hobby and so requests aren't processed immediately. I let a few queue up and then tackle them all at once.]

We are looking for blogs that offer original content. If your blog is primarily links to other content without original commentary, it isn't a good fit for our site. This is not to say that your posts can't link back to or quote from other sources, but we want your reaction to that story rather than just a duplication of material than can be found elsewhere.

We always appreciate links back to the Bloghive at http://utahbloghive.org. Here are a few logos you can try out. If you have other dimensions that would be helpful, let us know.

bloghive logo bloghive logo bloghive logo bloghive logo

Too intimidating? Try pasting in the following code on your site to display the logo.

Search the Bloghive

The search box on this page is a Google Custom Search that searches only the sites listed here. It is a great way to find something when you want to reference it in a post or comment. The money generated from the Google ads on the search results page (if any) will go to support the hosting costs for the Bloghive. If you want to include a bloghive search on your own site, you can use the following code.

Who runs this site?

The webmaster and owner of the site is Bradley Ross. He blogs on politics (with his wife, Keryn) at Hot Blava. In December 2007, an advisory board was created to make decisions about classification and inclusion of blogs. The board was dissolved in July 2010. We didn't put together a new election and there wasn't as much controversy in who to include/exclude as I feared, so I didn't see the need to keep pestering them with each new request.